1. Is Advance Cash Credit Pte Ltd a licensed moneylender?
A) Advanced Cash Credit is a 100% licensed money lender registered with the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. Our license number is 83/2017.

2. How do I qualify for a loan?
A) In order to qualify for any of our loans, you must meet some of our requirements:

  • Proof Of Identity
    A Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or Foreigner holding a Valid Pass
    (eg: Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass, Long Term Pass etc.)

Must be at least 18 years old, and is not an undischarged bankrupt, nor face any bankruptcy proceeding

  • Proof Of Income
    Currently have a stable, permanent job.

If you are a self employed professional, you must able to show us document proof what business professional you are in and record of your business transaction

  • Proof Of Residential
    Must be staying in Singapore and show document proof by either owner or renting a property*

*Please ignore if you are staying with parents, children, sibling or or friends.

If you do not meet the requirements stated above, please contact us via our website or call us at 6737 5737.

3. How can I apply for a loan?
A) Simply complete our simplified online application form, you will hear from ur shortly. Or alternatively, you can also call us at 6737 5737 or drop by our office for a discussion.

4. For Singaporeans, what documents are needed when applying for a loan?
A) For Singaporeans:

Proof Of Identity
Please bring along your NRIC when you apply for your loan

If you have lost your NRIC, please provide one alternative legal photo ID like your Driving License, 11B or Passport.

Please also bring along your ICA receipt together with a copy of a police report as proof.

Proof of Employment

We require proof of employment, which can include the following:

1. CPF Statement – You can print this in our office by using your SingPass
2. Pay Slip – Pay Slip is required as proof of salary above $5,000
3. Bank Statement – As proof of salary credited into your account
4. Employment Contract – Permissible if you have just started work
5. Any other valid documentary proof of your salary not stated here

5. For Foreigners, what documents are needed when applying for a loan?
A) Foreigner

Proof Of Identity

Please bring along the following documents

1. Valid Work Pass
2. Passport

Proof of Employment

One or more of the following is required:

1. Employment Contract
2. Payslip
3. Bank Statement

Proof Of Residential Status

One or more of the following is required:

1. Tenancy Agreement if you are renting a place
2. Local Property Statement
3. Or any other form of written document that serves as proof of your place of residence

6. How much can I borrow?
A) For unsecured loans, you can only borrow:

  • Up to $3000, if your annual income is less than $20,000
  • Up to 2 months’ income, if your annual income is $20,000 to $30,000
  • Up to 4 months’ income, if your annual income is $30,000 to $120,000
  • Any amount if your annual income is $120,000 and above

7. What kinds of loans does your company offer?
A) We have a variety of unsecured loans which include personal loans, foreigner loans, business loans and principal reducing loans.

8. Do you disburse loans to people with less than perfect credit?
A) We fully empathise with your reasons for getting a loan. We will review your situation and do our utmost to customise a loan package that suits your financial means.

9. Can I take up another loan even if I have an existing loan?
A) Yes, please give us a call and we will assist in processing your application.

10. Can I re-contract my loan?
A) Once you have completed your loan repayment, please come down to our office with the relevant documents to if you wish to take up another loan.

11. How long do we need to wait for approval?

A) Our loan officers will contact you within 1 hour (on working days) to inform you on the status of your loan.

You can then visit our office to complete the paperwork and receive your loan amount within 30 minutes.

12. Am I able to reject an approved loan?
A) Yes, you can. You are not obliged to take up a loan with us. We do not use hard sell techniques, instead we offer sound advice and consultations should you have any future needs.
13. Can I refer my friends or relatives for a loan?
A) Yes, you can. You are not obliged to take up a loan with us.
We do not use hard sell techniques, instead we offer sound advice and consultations should you have any future needs.
14. What are the available repayment plans?
A) We offer various loan repayment plans that cater to suit different needs. We currently have monthly and payday loan repayment plans.

When applying for a loan, you can discuss with our loan officers about your preferred repayment plans and they will advise you accordingly.

15. How can I make payment for my loan?
A) You can repay your loan via the following means:

  • Cash payment at our office
  • ATM deposits
  • Internet bank transfer

16. How do I apply for early repayment of my loan?
A) Early repayment is always welcome. There are no additional costs to pay. Simply call us to discuss with our loan officers about your early repayment options.

17. What if I am unable to repay my loan on the due date?
A) If you are unable to repay the full amount on the due date, you may want to request for an extension of the loan by contacting our loan officers via phone and we will set up alternative payment arrangements.

18. Is my personal information safe with you?
A) We treat all our customer’s personal data with the highest levels of confidentiality. All personal information is strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to any third parties for any marketing purpose unless it is specifically for the purpose of the loan that you have applied for.

19. What if I still have any other questions to ask?
A) You can  call us. Our friendly loan officers are on standby from 9am to 12am daily.